One of the World’s most beautiful beaches – Elafonisi Beach

12/06/2014 at 14:02

Elafonisi Beach – commonly referred to as just ‘Elafonisi’ – offers one of the most beautiful aspects of Crete, and on an island with such a diverse and stunningly picturesque landscape as Crete, that is most certainly a feat to be proud of.

This simply breathtaking Cretan site is situated to the south of Chania, which is just five kilometres from the Monastery of Chrysoskalitisa. This often isolated islet has only the purest, clearest and most enticing of water lapping upon its sand, which in certain lights, takes on a welcoming pink hue, making it one of the World’s most beautiful beaches.

This unique warm glow that sand on Elafonisi Beach often projects is believed to be from the corals and other broken shells that get washed up on the shores of this pristine beach in their droves.

In fact that water gently caressing Elafonisi Beach rarely exceeds a metre in depth making it the perfect place for swimmers and families with children.

Although in spite being such a safe place for bathers of all ages and abilities, Elafinisi enjoys relative anonymity which is definitely part of its unique magnetism and charm.

With such shallow water, you would be forgiven if you thought that Elafonisi was a lagoon, a lagoon where bathing enjoyment is augmented even further with a small nearby island that is reachable only by swimming or, indeed, paddling. At the far side of the Elafonisi islet is a quant and tiny church and an old lighthouse, adding to the traditionalism and unspoilt atmosphere this exceptionally beautiful corner of Crete is blessed with.

There are many delightfully picturesque and secluded coves on one of the World’s most beautiful beaches to explore and discover on this untouched Cretan coastline, that cater for a plethora of coastal yearnings, including tranquillity and seclusion, bathing and relaxation, and naturalist and nudity.

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